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Family medicine is characterized by its specific set of knowledge, skills and attitudes. While family medicine is  a young specialty in most European countries in a few countries it is still not recognized as a specialty. It is therefore necessary not only to demonstrate the values of family medicine, but also to continue the positive development of training programmes for current and future general practitioners/family physicians.

Therefore, the European Academy of Teachers in General Practice and Family Medicine (EURACT) has developed a model of an international appraisal of family medicine teachers.

The relevance of such appraisal system is underlined by a European setting with increasing cross-border movement  of people, including doctors; it is advisable to coordinate and develop standards across the borders of the countries in the European Union for the benefits for all its citizens.

Congratulations are due to the the following who have been appraised with success:

  • at the competent level: Francesco Carelli (Italy);
  • at the expert level: Zalika Klemenc Ketis (Slovenia), Jo Buchanan (UK), Niels Kristian Kjær (Denmark), Roar Maagaard (Denmark), Gunver Lillevang (Denmark), Nele Michels (Belgium), Ruth Kalda (Estonia), Nynke Scherpbier-deHaan (The Netherlands), Adam Windak (Poland).

The appraisal system is like "sitting in the seat of a Formula 1 car”, providing:

  • a valuable tool for self-assessment;
  • a tool for systematic reflection – and getting feedback;
  • a tool for objective measurement of your competences and having feedback on them;
  • a method of learning about your past and your future;
  • a way to find areas for improving your teaching.

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