Basic Medical Education Committee

Name and Position Affiliation
Photo of Helena Karppinen
Helena Karppinen
University of Helsinki, Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care
Photo of Francesco Carelli
Francesco Carelli

Photo of Alessandra Clementi
Alessandra Clementi

Photo of Alex Harding
Alex Harding
University of Exeter Medical School, Primary Care
United Kingdom
Valentina Madjova
Medical University, Department of Family Medicine Faculty of Medicine Health
Photo of Milena Rovcanin
Milena Rovcanin

Photo of Anne Simmenroth
Anne Simmenroth
Institut für Allgemeinmedizin, Family Medicine
Odd Martin Vallersnes
University of Oslo, Department of General Practice
Photo of Sonata Varvuolyte
Sonata Varvuolyte
VU, Internal Diseases and Family Medicine Clinic
Photo of Natalia Zarbailov
Natalia Zarbailov
Nicolae Testemitanu Medical University, Department of Family Medicine,

Introduction - Aims and Policy

The BME Committee aims to improve undergraduate teaching and learning in family medicine by further developing undergraduate medical education through:

  • providing mapping of the BME situation in Europe;
  • providing a minimal core curriculum to be used;
  • underlining the usefulness of early clinical exposure;
  • creating checklists for course organisers;
  • issuing statements on the necessity of this teaching in all medical universities;
  • strengthening teaching by getting advice from professionals from all European countries;
  • helping in developing European curriculum standards in family medicine for undergraduates.

The Committee bases its tools on the latest scientific evidence and on information from all European countries.

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