Future conferences:

3rd EURACT Medical Education Conference, Bled, 2023

Theme: 'General Practice Education, Surfing the Waves of Change'
Date: 5 - 7 October 2023

Email: euract@woncaeurope.org


Past conferences:


2nd EURACT Medical Education Conference, Leuven, 2018

Theme: "Family Medicine Education in the real world: from theory into practice"
Date: 21-22 September 2018

First announcement

Second announcement and call for abstracts

Website: http://www.euract2018.org/

Email: euract2018@kuleuven.be


1st EURACT Medical Education Conference, Dublin, 2016

Theme: "Educating Doctors for General Practice/Family Medicine 2.0"
Date: 8-10 September, 2016

Web: http://www.euractdublin2016.org


- Programme

- Abstracts book

- Keynote presentations

Other international Conferences with active participation of EURACT:

23rd WONCA Europe Conference, Krakow, 2018

Theme: “Family Medicine: Quality. Efficiency. Equity.”
Date: 24 - 27 May, 2018


2nd International Congress on Controversies in Primary and Outpatient Care (COPOC)

Venue: Zagreb, Croatia 
Date: 6 - 8 October, 2017


22nd WONCA Europe Conference, Prague, 2017

Theme: “General Practice in Europe: growing together in diversity”
Date: 28 June - 1 July, 2017


WONCA World Conference, Rio de Janeiro, 2016

Theme: “Family Medicine - now more then ever”
Date: 2-6 November, 2016


21st WONCA Europe Conference, Copenhagen, 2016

Theme: “Family Doctors with heads and hearts”
Date: 15-18 June, 2016


20th WONCA Europe Conference, Istanbul, 2015

Theme: “Future of Family Medicine ... Being Young, Staying Young”
Date: 22-25 October, 2015


WONCA Europe Regional Conference, Lisbon, 2014

Theme: “New Routes for General Practice and Family Medicine”
Date: 02-05 July, 2014


20th WONCA World Conference, Prague, 2013

Theme: “Family Medicine – Care for Generations”
Date: 25-29 June, 2013


WONCA Europe Regional Conference, Vienna , 2012

Theme: “The Art and Science of General Practice and Family Medicine”
Date: 04-07 July, 2012


WONCA Europe Regional Conference, Warsaw , 2011

Theme: ‘Family Medicine – Practice, Science and Art’
Date: 08-11 September, 2011


WONCA Europe Regional Conference, Malaga, 2010

Theme: Family Medicine into the Future - Blending Health and Culture
Date: 06-09 October, 2010


19th WONCA World Conference, Cancun, 2010

Theme: Millenium Develop Goals: The Contribution of Family Medicine
Date: 19-23 May, 2010
Venue: Cancun Conventions and Exhibition Centre, Cancun, Mexico


2nd WONCA Africa Regional Conference 2009

Date: 25-28 October, 2009
Venue: Rustenburg Civic Centre, North West Province South Africa


WONCA Europe Regional Conference, Basel, 2009

Theme: The Fascination of Complexity - Dealing with Individuals in a Field of Uncertainty
Date: 16-19 September, 2009


WONCA Europe Regional Conference, Istanbul, 2008

Theme: Family Practice - Bringing the Art of Medicine to the People
Date: 04-07 September, 2008


WONCA Europe Regional Conference, Paris, 2007

Theme: Rethinking Primary Care in the European Context
Date: 17-21 October, 2007
Venue: Palais des congres, Paris

18th WONCA World Conference, Singapore, 2007

Theme: Human Genomics and its impact on Family Physicians
Date: 24-28 July, 2007

15th WONCA Asia Pacific Regional Conference, Bangkok, 2006

Theme: Happy and Healthy Family
Date: 5-9 November, 2006
Venue: Sofitel Central Plaza and Bangkok Convention Centre


WONCA 7th Rural Health Conference, Seattle-Anchorage, USA, 2006

Host: Wonca Rural Health Working Party
Theme: Transforming Rural Practice Through Education
Date: 8-15 September, 2006


WONCA Europe - 12th Regional Conference, Florence, Italy, 2006

Theme: Towards Medical Renaissance
Date: 27-30 August, 2006

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