was held in Bled September 18-22, 2007.  


The course is aiming at the educators in primary care who are involved in teaching at university or practice level.

The aim of the course is to work on “patient empowerment”, a recent development in most Western Health Care Systems. It means that the patient is knowledgeable and informed about his/her disease, is willing and/or obliged to take self-responsibility for his/her health, is involved in medical decision making and whose needs are increasingly respected by health care professionals. Therefore, patient empowerment bridges two core competences of Family Medicine and General Practice: Person centeredness and the holistic approach. Further, patient empowerment can be seen as a new framework for the patient-physician-relationship and also as a measure of quality improvement in health care systems. After the course the participants should - Know the possibilities for and forms of empowering patients- Understand the reasons for the development of patient empowerment (and of case management programs). - Know, how to assess patient empowerment effects in different case management programs- Accept, that patient empowerment is a way to improve quality in health care- Appreciate the difficulties in assessing empowerment effects- Value the increasingly important responsibility of patients for their health.- Recognize, that medical students and trainees should learn about patient empowerment 


During the course keynote presentations, group work, role-play, fieldwork and discussions will be held. Country reports concerning patient empowerment are welcome. A selected number of presentations will be allocated to be presented to the audience during Saturday morning plenary session. Abstracts should be sent to the address below by July 15, 2007. Course directors will evaluate the contributions and will notify you on the acceptance of the presentation by the August 31. Presentations will be assigned as oral or poster displays.

Keynote lectures will cover Patient Enablement and Patient Empowerment - Patients’ right to choose and Patients’ duties regarding their rights – Patients’ empowerment – doctors’ or patients’ duty?- The “expert patient” - Patient enablement and the management of chronic diseases - Patient empowerment and the community - Enabling family physicians to enable patients- How to measure patient empowerment- The role of research in patient empowerment


During conference: trekking, dancing lessons, Bled sightseeing, vine inspection, waterpolo, farewell dinner etc. will take place. The participants will learn some basics in popular dances under the supervision of a professional dance teacher. Appropriate for the beginners and advanced dancers. Traditional waterpolo game between the Slovene participants and colleagues from abroad will take part. You will have the opportunity to visit local family doctors and practices as well social services and institutions.

18-22 September 2007

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