A word for Radmila

Eleanor Roosevelt said that “many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.”

This is so true about our dear friend and colleague, Radmila. She nurtured a huge passion for medical education and cooperated immensely in EURACT’s activities.

Life is short and unpredictable. Our dear friend was stolen from us too soon.

We will never forget how she made us feel: happy!

Some say that writing to our departed friends can be therapeutic. In that sense, here goes a humble effort that I hope, somehow, reaches her. 


Dearest Radmila,

We miss you already! We were looking forward to seeing you today but God had other plans for you. You will bring great joy to all the other angels and Heaven will never be the same. Fill the sky with your loud hearty laughter that will always be missed by us.

From your EURACT Family

P.S. – Alexandre hopes you are feeling better now and will never forget all the times you let him play games on your phone.


Homage to Radmila

Dear Radmila

Now I understand why You were “ very strangely “ not answering me since last week. From your messages to me having a new video of my Milano “ What exactly is this ? Part of old Channel ? If I come to Milano, will you walk with me ?” And after that, so softly and silently  “ Sorry Francesco, what is your primary diagnosis for which you’re receiving chemo ? I also have few Courses…

You were always for all of us in EURACT Council, Radmila with her big laugh and warm heart. Someone has decided to stop your Life here with us and with all your students, and relatives, and colleagues and friends, your Courses you loved so much ( your only complaint about ). We were always and always so enthusiastic, I remember not so time ago, remarking at your “ enormous “ change in hair colour, you answered as only You could do:  it is a fun for a change.

Rest in peace, dear Radmila, with in our minds your courtesy, smiling, enthusiasm, optimism.

Now, we all in EURACT Council, are feeling a new empty space in our hearts.



Published on 25 September 2020.

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