European Requirements for GP/FM Continuous Medical Education (CME)

Bednář J., Buchanan J., Michels NR., Kalda R., Vajer P., Miftode R., Homar V., Ristovska R., Kolesnyk P.

The European Academy of Teachers in General Practice and Family Medicine is the education network of WONCA Europe. The Continuing Medical Education (CME)/Continuous Professional Development (CPD) group has produced this document, following a review of the current literature, to support colleagues who are seeking to improve and develop CME programmes for General Practitioners/Family Doctors (GPs/FDs).

Although CPD and CME are frequently used interchangeably, most literature has now defined CME as being an ingredient of CPD; CPD is a broader concept and a of lifelong personal development and maturation, manifested not only in education and professionalism, but also in ethics, values, attitudes or communication skills of the doctor in relation to the patient. We will use only the term CME for the purposes of this document.

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