Do you know how COVID-19 is changing general practice/family medicine

Nele R.M. Michels, Nynke Scherpbier, Helena Karppinen, Jo Buchanan & Adam Windak (2020): Do you know how COVID-19 is changing general practice/family medicine education?, Education for Primary Care DOI: 10.1080/14739879.2020.1755609

2020 Public

European Requirements for GP/FM Continuous Medical Education (CME)

Bednář J., Buchanan J., Michels NR., Kalda R., Vajer P., Miftode R., Homar V., Ristovska R., Kolesnyk P. The European Academy of Teachers in General Practice and Family Medicine is the education network of WONCA Europe. The Continuing Medical Education (CME)/Continuous Professional Deve...

2020 Public

Report on EURACT’s COVID-19 survey: How did you deal with COVID-19 as a GP?

Anne Simmenroth, Denise Velho, Nele Michels on behalf of EURACT Introduction In December 2019, the SARS CoV-2 virus was detected for the first time in the Hubei province in China (1). It then spread rapidly across the entire globe and was declared a pandemic by WHO on March 12th of 2020 (2...

2020 Public

A ‘minimal core curriculum’ for Family Medicine in undergraduate medical education: A European Delphi survey among EURACT representatives

Howard Tandeter, Francesco Carelli, Markku Timonen, Givi Javashvili, Okay Basak, Stefan Wilm, Natalia Zarbailov, Wolfgang Spiegel & Mette Brekke (2011), European Journal of General Practice, 17:4, 217-220

2011 Public

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